People with protruding or large ears can already suffer from their appearance as early as in childhood due to the influence of their environment. Ear corrective surgery can be performed to correct protruding ears by bringing them closer to the head, to reshape ears or to make large ears smaller.
During this operation general anaesthesia is used for children and local anaesthesia is used for adults. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours. The used method varies according to the person’s individual problem.

By making an incision behind the ear, a piece of the cartilage can be removed or the required shape is given by shaving the cartilage. The ear can be stitched back permanently without damaging the structure of the ear.

No scar remains after this procedure. Compression bandages are applied after which the patient is discharged from the hospital.

In order to keep the ear in the correct position a bandage is applied around the head. Any pain is alleviated with the medication given to the patient. After approximately 4 days the bandages are removed. Lighter medical dressing is then applied. After a week any dressings and the stitches are completely removed. Adults may return back to their daily life after approximately 10 days. They must avoid any blows to the head.

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