This procedure removes fat deposits which can not be removed by means of diet or exercise, and is called liposuction. It can be applied to any problem area of the body. It’s a very effective technique to remove localized accumulations of fat. It is however not suitable as a weight loss solution.

The most effective results are obtained in patients with a healthy weight. The patient must be physically and psychologically ready, and their expectations should be temperate. In case the patient is obese, they first need to lose weight before the procedure can be performed. In case you have healthy, elastic skin, the skin will shortly adapt to your new shape after the liposuction.

If fat will be injected into other areas, your own fat can be used for that procedure. The fat first needs to be processed, however. There is no age limit for liposuction procedures.

In case the skin doesn't tighten up to the new shape, the excess skin can be removed with an additional operation. Scars formed due to the liposuction plastic surgery are located under the bikini line. Patients who are undergoing liposuction surgery should be entirely healthy, with no health problems whatsoever. For example, cardiovascular diseases, recent operations or lung disorders may cause the operation to be postponed.

Liposuction is usually applied to many parts of the body like the face, arms, abdomen, and hips. In case the skin proves to be 'non' elastic, an additional facial surgery may be necessary. As with every operation, bleeding or infection may occur after a liposuction. In case too much fat is extracted, visually aberrant results may occur. But these cases are very rarely encountered. Usually the result is very satisfying

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