At lipofilling we bring living tissue (FAT) over to a new place where it grows and then becomes a part of the tissue at that place. That sounds simple, but is it not at all.

Ordinary filling usually consists of gel sit there very fine calcium phosphate microspheres, a body's own substance that under more prevalent in our teeth and bones, however, this is temporary. Lipofilling often gives a better result. The result is permanent and because it works with your own body fluids, it is perfectly safe.


First of all, there will be a mini-liposculpture need to be done to ' harvest '. It is a quantity of 40-50 ml decreased fat-about 10% of the quantity that we normally when liposculpture decrease. The load for a client is not great. This part of the treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. After an operation fat harvesting must take place, in order to separate anesthetic fluid and blood. Sometimes the fat is centrifuged, sometimes this is done in a different way. This takes 10 to 20 minutes. Then the harvested fat is inserted on the places where it is needed. Because a cannula (blunt needle) of any scale is used, you will be given an anesthetic in the receiving area. Both the mini-liposculpture as injecting the fat is done under local anesthesia.


Fatty tissue can only bone on its own if it is sufficient of oxygen to stay alive. That is only possible if there are small thin tunnels of fat spread be placed in the subcutaneous tissue. There can never be a thick lump in one place, because most of it injected by lack of oxygen will die. Butno matter how good the surgeon is, moving the fat will always leave a part receiving insufficient oxygen to survive and die. Sometimes thereby decreasing the inserted quantity up to 25% of the original volume. Because of this given the doctor will give what trap: too much fat contribute to something it shrink (partly) to catch on.


Depending on how the fatty tissue is inserted again, there will be more or less swelling of the area. Usually this is after 3 days more or less disappeared. The result is permanent and works with a body's own substance, so lipofilling is perfectly safe. Fat tissue is claimed contain much stem cells. That would explain why after lipofilling the overlying skin often will look better. Indeed, stem cells can develop into new specialized cells, especially in areas where by degeneration (aging) many cells have been lost.

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