What is a crown?
A dental Crown is a cap of metal in combination with porcelain or zirconium that exactly fits over a buffed tooth. The CAP is on tooth glued.

By a Crown will get the tooth back to its original shape and color. First of all is a part of the tooth buffed, until there is enough space to make a Crown or bridge.

The dentist then create a print with a rubbery mass of (a portion) of the jaw. In print is in the dental laboratory plaster cast. This plaster model is used to make your Crown or bridge. With a bite registration will also be determined how the teeth of the lower and upper jaw fit together.

The decision ultimately rests with you along with the dentist about the color that your Crown or bridge must have.

To protect the buffed tooth, places the dentist for several days a temporary Crown. The temporary Crown is not calculated to hard products to eat. Be careful with it. The last step is the Crown or bridge fitted and secured in the mouth. On the inside of the Crown or bridge is a fast curing cement made. The Crown or bridge is then slid into place suitable secured.

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