IVF Treatment


For many of you it is already known that Turkey is a forerunner in the field of children's wish treatments. At IVF and ICSI are sperm cellsclose to the egg cells to increase the chance of fertilization.

With IVF, the sperm cells in the laboratory laid into the eggs in culture dish. At ICSI to display in each egg one sperm to brought in.

Mesa and PESA are a special form of ICSI with mature sperm from the epididymis are taken, it is a kind of keyhole surgery in the testicle. This is done under general anesthesia or with a epidural. At PESA is the seed with a thin needle aspirated from the epididymis. That is much less intrusive and can take place under local anesthesia.

This method is only applied in universities of the Netherlands, the waiting times are sometimes for years. That is also one of the main reasons to go to Istanbul for this surgery. If you already had examination in the Netherlands, it is sufficient to submit it to our doctors. We will present you the possibilities, which are different for each person. 


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