What is a facing?
A facing is a layer of tooth-colored filling material of composite or a shield of porcelain. The dentist paste fill material on the tooth. Not a facingbehandeling damaged the tooth itself and can always be undone.

A facing of composite or porcelain. A facing of China is less sensitive to surface stain.A porcelain facing is made in a dental laboratory. Complement you at least twice to your dentist. Eerstkiest de tandarts in overleg met u de juistekleur van uw facing. During the first treatment your teeth are whitened.

Next, your facing in the dental laboratory in the same colour will be made to match. If necessary, cuts the dentist a very thin layer of the surface of your tooth off.

So he makes room for the facing. Before the dentist the tooth paste, he covers your facing to your tooth with an acid. Then he brings a hectlaag to your tooth. On this layer he sticks the facing. A facing feels like a original tooth. You can eat normal with a facing.
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