Do not take Aspirin, blood-thinning medication or alcohol one week before the operation.

If you take medication due to any sickness (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, tuberculosis, etc.), you need to consult your doctor before the operation. Always notify us of your medication before the operation.

Stop using blood-thinning medication 7 days before the operation. If you are using this type of medication, please consult to your doctor. Always notify us of your medication before the operation.

Wash your hair and do not use any chemical substances (gel-spray) before the operation.

Have a solid breakfast before the operation.

In case you smoke, you should attempt to cut back as much as you can a couple of days before the operation. Smoking will hamper the development of the transferred follicles and some may even die.

We do not want you to drive right after the operation. If you come with your own vehicle, arrange for someone to drive you (back).

We request you to wear a comfortable shirt or dress with buttons or a zipper which is easy to take off.



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