Take the medication as we prescribe you after the hair transplantation,

After the operation it is recommended you wear a hat or cover your head in a way before going outside. This hat/cap/beanie/other shouldn't be tight-fitting.

Do not drink alcohol during the time you take the medication

Albeit rare, swelling may occur on the 3rd day of the post-operative period. This is caused by the fluid injected into the skin (anaesthesia). In order to prevent this you should try to remain laying flat on your back for 2-3 days. When you do have to stand, however, always remain in an upright position, when you read a book or newspaper, do not bend your head forward. In addition it is recommended to frequently apply ice to the forehead, and to keep consuming plenty of fluids.

Protect the transplantation area. We do not recommend playing football or martial arts/contact sports for 6 months.
Do not swim or use a sauna or tanning bed/solarium for 1 month after the hair transplantation operation.

Prevent exposure to sunlight at all cost.




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