People who want to have a hair transplantation operation first need to be examined by our specialists.
During this examination, the hair structure in the area in which the hair transplantation will be realized and the hair density in the donor field are examined. In accordance with the obtained results, the necessary number of hair follicles will be determined. This way the number of the to be transplanted hair follicles are calculated.

During these health checks previous health problems, if any, of the patient are discussed, and a physical evaluation is performed by our specialist. At this point we will also inform our patient about the details of the hair transplantation.

In order to perform a hair transplantation operation, we will first need to analyse the structure, thickness and the density of the hair in the donor area, as well as the expectations of the patient. Hair loss can vary strongly from person to person.
The number of grafts that will be transplanted is based on the amount of hair loss.

In patients with thin hair or a lighter hair colour, hair transplantation results may appear less dense compared to those of patients with thick hair or a darker hair colour. Therefore we need to perform a transplant with a higher density in our patients with thin hair or a lighter hair colour in order to achieve a satisfying result.
All these steps are important to realize a successful operation. Hair transplantation operations are therefore only performed after these preparations are completed.

Our patients who live abroad considering a hair transplantation are welcome to visit our centre in THE NETHERLANDS. We will provide you with more detailed information at our International Centre.


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